Make the most of Logos.

Community, coaches, and courses that equip you to make the most of your Logos Bible Software.

Stop wasting time learning how to use Logos when you could be studying God's Word.

What is the Logos Daily Circle?

We are a dedicated and curious community of Logos users designed to build relationships with those on the same path so that we can efficiently “level up” our study of God’s Word.

Whether you're brand new to Logos or you've been around since Libronix, you know there's a lot to Logos! Our experts help coach pastors, professors, students, and lay people to leverage the power of Logos Bible software for their studies.

We exist because we've seen how confusing Logos can be. As pastors, students, and Bible teachers, we've seen firsthand what a difference a community can make. We've turned our experience into resources to help you. Join our network for...

  • An active community of Logos users from around the world.
  •  A list of courses to guide you from beginner to expert.
  • A roster of coaches to guide you with personalized support.